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History of The Golden Dragon Acrobats

Our cultural heritage and our identity

The Golden Dragon Acrobats is a family-owned performing arts company based in Frisco, Texas. Founded in 1985, our mission is to promote the art and beauty of Chinese Acrobatics, bridging cultures and traditions through the amazing skills and talents of professional artists.

Over the years, Golden Dragon Acrobats have brought inspiration and entertainment to 45 countries. Some of them include The Bahamas, England, France, Germany, Japan and Oman. The company has also toured in 400 cities and towns in 49 states in the United States.

Every year, a newly auditioned company of artists from China presents a meticulously crafted production, directed by Danny Chang, in both traditional and state-of-the-art acrobatic styles. The Golden Dragon Acrobats aspires to deliver spellbinding beauty and family friendly entertainment to its audiences.